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The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is primarily concerned with conservation of tooth structure – involving various restorative (filling) procedures, endodontic (root canal) treatment and cosmetic treatment. Certain surgical procedures also come under the purview of this specialty. The department imparts training in under graduate and post graduate levels as well as for various paradental courses. This training includes clinical, pre clinical and theory classes that are designed as per the requirement of the Dental Council of India (DCI) and Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences (KUHS), the medical university of Kerala State. Utilizing the modern equipment and instruments available in the department, the various treatment modalities are provided to the public, supervised by faculty.

Faculty members and residents of the department regularly attended various seminars and other academic programs including national and international. Publications of research activities are also done.

In the infrastructural development side main achievement is the inauguration of dental lab and research unit under the dept. of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics. It is a training centre for Dental Mechanic students, Staff and Post graduate students and a research unit. Fabrication and delivery of crowns to patients has started.

Ongoing coursesThe department provides training for undergraduate (BDS) and postgraduate (MDS) courses. A part of training for dental mechanic, DORA and dental hygienist students is also conducted here.Undergraduate programmeRegular theory classes are taken for I, II, III and IV (Part I and Part II) BDS students.Preclinical lab classes are conducted for IBDS and II BDS students. A modern phantom head facility has been installed, which will considerably improve the quality of preclinical training.Clinical training is given to III BDS and IV BDS (Part I and Part II) students.Seminars, clinical demonstrations and tutorials are conducted for undergraduate students.In Dental Lab, PulayanarkotaDental Mechanic students of Govt : Dental College,Trivandrum and PIPMS are given training in various aspects of metal casting and ceramic worksPost graduate programmeFour postgraduate students are admitted for the MDS course every year. They are provided basic and advanced clinical training on various treatments in the specialty using state of the art equipment and instruments. Academic performance enhancing methodologies are also incorporated in the programme. Seminars, journal club and clinical case presentations and periodic evaluation are done. Prior to attending patients, the students are supervised in a preclinical programme to enhance their skills and knowledge base. Students regularly attend various state and national conferences and present posters and scientific papers. Substantial benefit to the public is provided in terms of oral health.Post graduate students from Conservative Dentistry and other specialties of Govt : Dental College,Trivandrum utilize the lab facility for doing their Dissertation works.Post graduate students from Conservative Dentistry use the facilities of the lab for completing their Pre-clinical works.Post graduate students from Conservative Dentistry are given training in various aspects of metal casting and ceramic works.

  1. Dr. Subramoniam: 1965-68
  2. Dr. M.K. Mani: 1968-80
  3. Dr. G. Ramachandran: 1980-86
  4. Dr. E.K. Parameswaran: 1986-88
  5. Dr. G.Ramachandran: 1988-90
  6. Dr. Kurien K. George: 1990-91
  7. Dr. D. Retnamma: 1991-92
  8. Dr. Kurien K. George: 1992-99
  9. Dr. Jolly Mary Varughese: 1999-06
  10. Dr. N.O. Varghese: 2006-06
  11. Dr. Mali G Nair: 2007- 2010
  12. Dr. Sam Joseph V G: 2010-2019

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