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  • Pioneer institution for Oral and maxillofacial surgery in State.
  • Started Postgraduate degree course in 1972
  • First to start Orthognathic surgeries in state back in 1980's
  • Cradle for many famous stalwarts in the field all over the country

There is a regular O.P. and Post graduate O.P. there are two units taking alternate day O.P. minor surgeries are done daily by the concerned units. There is one major operation theatre day in a week. Emergency surgical procedures are done in the emergency O.T. The department is a bridge between dentistry and allied medical specialities. Combined surgical procedures with the active participation of the surgical specialities is the norm. These include Surgeries for craniosynostosis and various plastic procedures. The department shares the theatre and wards with Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum. There is a 24 hour casualty in the MCH run by the department.

  1. Dr P I John
  2. Dr K Balakrishnan Nair
  3. Dr Venugopal
  4. Dr B.R Naik
  5. Dr C.R.Geeta
  6. Dr Thomas Joseph
  7. Dr Soumithran C.S.
  8. Dr C.R Sobhana
  • Surgical removal of partially impacted mandibular third molars with or without a buccal flap.
  • Prevalence of different mandibular third molar positions in angle of mandible fractures.
  • Quality of life in patients with mandibular fracture treated by closed reduction using erich arch bar versus intermaxillary fixation screws .
  • Comparison of quality of life in patient undergoing open and closed reduction for facio-maxillary fractures
  • Evaluation of efficacy of nanoporous hydroxyapatite granules for drug delvery in periapical lesions;a randomized controlled trial
  • Maxillofacial injuries in helmeted and non helmeted motorcycle accident patient- A cross sectional study
  • Comparison of platelet rich fibrin with zinc oxide eugenol in the relief of pain in alveolar osteitis.
  • Effect of uninterrupted antiplatelet therapy on post extraction bleeding following single dental extraction
  • Pattern of maxillofacial trauma in patients with concomitant head injuries treated at a tertiary care centre in south kerala
  • Anthropometric measurements of the orbital contour and canthal distance of patients reporting in a tertiary centre in kerala
  • Incidence of Trigeminovagal reflex in patient undergoing surgical reduction of fractures of the zygoma
  • Evaluation of anthropometric indices in patients with maxillomandibular fractures undergoing intermaxillary fixation
  • Effect of prolotherapy using 12.5%dextrose solution for temporomandibular disorders refractive to conservative management
  • Pattern of intraoperative complications during routine dental extractions performed in an undergraduate clinic at a dental teaching institution in Kerala.

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